About WatchFlippers

  1. We provide a secure forum for networking with other qualified timepiece dealers and marked insiders.
  2. Our platform features only thoroughly vetted members, so you can conduct business among trusted associates and dealers.
  3. On WatchFlippers, you will find accurate member contact information, post-type classifications, and the ability to take a real-time snapshot of the identified market.


A Secure Place to Trade, Share and Interact with Established Luxury Professionals

Our exclusive community consists of verified dealers and vetted market insiders who value integrity and authenticity. Build your network while interacting with market insiders on regional, national and global scales.


As a Member of WatchFlippers, You Gain More Than Just Access to a Private Community of Like Minded People. You Also Benefit from Special Relationships with Other Exclusive Partners.

  • World Wide Traders membership is included with your membership to WatchFlippers; and with it, you receive perks such as free entry to events, free first-time booth rental and discounted VIP entry to shows.

  • Centinel Group Inc. gives WatchFlippers members an exclusive group-membership rate on high-value shipping via FedEx and UPS.

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